About The California Latino Water Coalition


Since it was conceived in the spring of 2007, the California Latino Water Coalition (CLWC) has grown quickly into one of the Golden State's most active and best known advocacy groups as it seeks present and future solutions to water supply and infrastructure issues and problems.

The CLWC was created and continues to operate out of a concern that Latinos, and particularly those in farm-related employment and their families, have been underrepresented and largely unheard from, even though they are the first to lose jobs when water supplies are reduced.

But the Coalition is so much more as it represents all Californians. We're dedicated to resolving the state's water crisis and gaining permanent water supply improvements to ensure continued economic growth and prosperity in California. As a statewide organization, we understand the huge impact water has on all communities. We advocate legislation promoting improved water infrastructure, governance, and conservation. Our work includes organizing community events to educate the public and gain support as well as working with elected officials to encourage the passage of sensible and beneficial legislation.


The Latino Water Coalition has been at the forefront of organizing peaceful marches and rallies in the Central Valley, including the biggest rally ever held in front of Fresno city hall, in order to increase awareness of the state water shortage. Our March for Water in April 2009 brought thousands of people together for a four-day march from Mendota to San Luis Reservoir. The Coalition was a major positive force in helping frame California's comprehensive water infrastructure and supply package, which includes November's bond measure. We're dedicated to development of Delta environmental, conveyance and sustainability solutions along with new water storage and additional water resources everywhere in California. Chaired by actor-comedian Paul Rodriguez, our Coalition knows that improving the Golden State's water supply today will insure economic prosperity tomorrow.


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